Our Studio

Our mission is to help clientele achieve total fitness transformation. Our experienced certified instructors guide students through an inspirational, meditative hot fitness experience that’s designed to connect the body, mind and soul. Set in a spa like boutique environment our students move in unison and follow the signature Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates sequence from our leaders. The experience is memorable. It’s true to you. It’s authentic.

Each Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates class is a meditative cardio induced workout. Our clients help change their lives with every class, they clear their minds and connect with their true and best selves. Through this shared group experience, we develop an unshakeable bond with one another. Friendships are made and relationships are built. Additionally our Pregnancy and Restorative Wellness class provides Moms-to-be a safe place to practice yoga; we have over 250 yoga babies born and counting – it is true!

Founder Elizabeth Palmer immediately loved the Bikram Hot Yoga Method and added Pregnancy and Restorative classes and Inferno Hot Pilates and built her vision: To create a spa like boutique studio. To have experienced teachers walk the room and instruct each student in their poster through out their class. To developed a safe environment with a meditative cardio induced workout that is efficient, challenging, and mindful. — We experience this every day, and transformed each clients relationship to exercise.

Anyone can be a hot student. Our Clients come to us at all ages, from all backgrounds, levels of fitness and experience. Fluid Yoga Hot classes are for everyone. We laugh, we cry, we grow — and we do it together, as a community. Come sweat with us today!


We are equipped with handicap accessible showers, changing rooms, and lockers. We provide mat and towel rental and sell bottled water for $1.

Our Yoga Room

A  clean contemporary yoga environment, ready to rejuvenate your total body in a chic, modern spa-like setting. An anti-microbial rubber flooring system that is odorless, non-porous and bacteria free. Our floor is insulated to keep your muscles warm, and is bio-mechanically engineered to perform with your body, absorbing shock. A hydronic heating system helps improve your lungs, cardiovascular system, and internal/external organs. It provides 100% fresh moisture-heated air throughout the class. Our thermostat is set to 105+ degrees (F).