“Retox. Detox”

I am a Bikram Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates and Hot Vinyasa teachers teacher. I am a creator, mentor, and giver. I am a high-performing person. I am passionate, curious, and ambitious.

When you take my class – Yes, it’s a shared mindset. There is something hyper-personal, something individual and wholly unexpected that drives each of us to #upupup and come to class. It’s that essential thing, the person, the ritual that helps us not just move along and sweat together, but find inspiration to move toward what we want to achieve, so you can be you.

Bikram Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates and Hot Vinyasa classes consistently and strategically open up new conversations between your brain and your body. I believe the more balanced we are the more connected we become to ourselves, making it easier to stay focused on what’s really important.

I love to see people approach overall health as a life style, not a fitness fad or trend. I want clients to engage and empower themselves in a way that leaves them mentally, emotionally and physically stronger than when they arrived. To sweat (shine) as brightly and as confidently as they possibly can. I believe when you tap into the positive energy of our hot community and take classes with quality certified professional instruction, you get to fully realize your best self and can then pursue your daily lives to the fullest.

No matter what your age, gender or genetic background – our hot class exercise programs are a lifestyle, giving you consistent and ever-evolving fitness results. After each class you will feel strong, lean, and healthy – a highly functioning best version of yourself at any age.

Come join our Bikram Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates and Hot Vinyasa community and let’s sweat together.


  • Yoga professional certifications: 1998, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2010, 2016
  • Frequency of practice: 6 days a week
  • Favorite pose: Tuladandasana – Balancing Stick Pose
  • Hangouts: Remote beaches around the world and wine bars
  • Loves: San Francisco Scootering on my Vespa about the city.
  • Quote: “Retox, Detox”